We Take Fear Out Of Dental Surgery

Our laser dental surgery center is conveniently located in Johnson City, TN

Untreated, periodontitis can lead to a number of oral health complications. In the past, periodontists would simply open the gums with a scalpel to remove dangerous bacteria, then close the wounds with stitches. Shelby Periodontics offers something better when it comes to laser dentistry and laser gum surgery.

We can perform laser dental surgery at our Johnson City, TN location. This less invasive method offers faster healing time and fewer potential complications. Call today to learn more about the benefits of laser surgery at Shelby Periodontics.

What does laser surgery do?

What does laser surgery do?

We can use laser dental surgery to:


  • Clean out inflammation-causing bacteria
  • Reshape damaged gums
  • Remove areas of tooth decay







Shelby Periodontics can restore your dental health without making a single incision. Our staff is prepared for a variety of services related to laser gum surgery and laser dentistry.





Try our dental crown lengthening procedure.


We can also use laser surgery in a dental crown lengthening procedure. Call our Johnson City, TN office now to find out if this procedure could help you and your smile!