Ready To Start Smiling Again?

Ready To Start Smiling Again?

Schedule a tooth implant appointment in Johnson City, TN

Is a missing tooth making you hide your smile? Shelby Periodontics offers dental implants in Johnson City, TN. Implants are like synthetic tooth roots. They’re titanium structures that look like small, rounded screws. Dental surgeons use implants to attach an artificial tooth or permanent bridge to your jawbone.

If you’ve lost a tooth to injury or disease, a tooth implant might be the best solution. Call now to schedule an appointment.

How can you get dental implants?

The process of getting your dental implants involves three simple steps:

  1. A consultation: We’ll discuss your options and the plan for surgery.
  2. The tooth implant surgery: We’ll prepare the area and anchor your new implants in place.
  3. A follow-up appointment: We’ll check the strength of your new implants.

Dental implant surgery might sound scary, but the specialists at Shelby Periodontics will ensure you’re calm and comfortable. We’ll administer sedation to make sure you don’t experience any pain during surgery.

Call our office in Johnson City, TN today to schedule a tooth implant consultation.